Review of safety in the light of Covid 1st May 2022

The PCC reviewed the safety precautions we are taking in light of Covid, bearing in mind that we must remain welcoming to all, including those who feel vulnerable and are cautious about coming to church.

It was agreed that, in line with ‘society’, we will no longer recommend the general wearing of masks or have signage requiring distancing or hand washing.

We will, however, designate an area during services (until refreshments are served after the service) for the vulnerable in which masks and distancing will be required. This will be next to the Tyndale notice board. The choir will not congregate in this area. Carbon dioxide can be monitored in this area if it is occupied and ventilation increased if necessary.

Monitoring has shown that doors and windows do not need to open for our normal services with normal numbers of attendees. They will, however, be opened for events where the church is more fully occupied.

There will be no changes to other aspects of the service at this stage so there will be no processing, communion bread will be distributed at the pews and the peace will remain with waving only.