For Children…

Most of these videos are aimed at adults as well!

NEW FOR EASTER 2023 Rev’d Peter Marsh chats with his stuffed friends, contemplating an Easter egg….. 

For harvest 2021 – ‘A harvest mouse‘ – live from 1am on  Sunday10th October

Palm Sunday 2021 – Please do watch the interview with Noddy the Donkey

Churches together alternative to Epiphany 6 Jan 2021 (added to this page Oct 2021)

Churches Together alternative Christmas Service 2020  (added to this page Oct 2021)

4th November 2020
The next recording  – The man who couldn’t see

12 September
and another one for Tiny  Tots …  Like a child

30th August 2020
For Tiny Tots….Lost and Found

11th July 2020
A lovely reading of the Parable of the Sower

July 2020 – The Two Houses for ‘Open the Book’  (added to this page Oct 2021)

3 July 2020
Here is ‘an unexpected picnic‘ for tiny tots.

Rosie Casken from the Chapel and Rev Peter Marsh have made a recording aimed at very young children, and plan to make one a month. The first one is called ‘The tiniest seed’


In his ramblings on 7th June 2020, Peter asked for pictures showing thoughts about the Holy Trinity:-